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Article: Our Ethically Made Grooming Kit

Our Ethically Made Grooming Kit

Our Ethically Made Grooming Kit

The quality of beauty and grooming tools and how they are made is often overlooked. But, we believe they should be given the same importance as the rest of your self-care.

That's why we’re proud to announce the launch of the ArteStile x Monte & Coe grooming kit.

Each tool is handcrafted in Italy, using surgical grade stainless steel, free of any harmful metals or materials. Making our grooming tools safe for all skin types and sensitivities.

The kit includes 4 stainless steel handcrafted tools; a tweezer, scissor, nail file, and nail clipper. It also includes an eyebrow brush and an unbreakable travel comb.

Everything you need for grooming at home and on the go. Check out our campaign video below!

About Artestile

Inspired by the essence of Italy, where art and beauty play an essential role in everyday life, ArteStile creates innovative and luxurious tools that are as functional as they are a work of art.

At ArteStile they believe beauty tools are just as important as skin care and should be held to the same standards. They care about ensuring every customer has the best quality tools and that is why our implements are handcrafted in Italy using the finest stainless steel.

ArteStile ensures the process in which their tools are created is one that is sustainable for the environment and safe for everyone involved in the process. Their policy has always been to uphold the highest standards and that is why our products are handcrafted in Italy.


Tools Free of Harmful Metals or Chemicals

ArteStile tools are an investment that will last a lifetime:

Tweezers are individually hand filed and aligned to ensure an expert tweeze every time.

Straight scissors feature hand-filed blades for precise trimming of brows, beard, and mustache hair and have ergonomically designed handles for a great in-hand feel.

Nail clippers have a sharp curved blade that follows the natural shape of your fingernails, ensuring a precise but safe trim.

Stainless steel nail file has the perfect grit to ensure your nails will always be shaped and smooth.


Veg Tan Leather Case

These tools come in a beautiful veg tan leather case handcrafted in Toronto by Monte & Coe.



Vegetable tanning is an old-world artisanal technique that utilizes organic materials like plant extracts and tree bark rather than harmful mineral or synthetic tanning agents. This process is used in only 10% of the world's leather production.

This process creates more eco-friendly products compared to common tanning methods used in the mass market.

Vegetable tanning requires more skill and patience, along with higher quality hides. Leather hides are placed in wooden barrels with plant extracts and tree barks for over 40 days.

The end results in a unique leather that is incredibly durable, but soft to the touch, making it perfect to organize and protect these luxury tools.


Kickstarter Campaign

Luxury grooming kits typically retail for upwards of $300, but as an early supporter, our first backers will receive the ArteStile x Monte & Coe Grooming Kit at an exclusive price by supporting our launch on Kickstarter.

If the quality of your self-care is important to you, and you care about where and how your products are made, then please support us by backing our campaign, and share our project with family and friends.



Have a journey you want to share? Tell us your Monte & Coe story by tagging us on Instagram with #carryuswithyou or send us an email to!

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