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Article: Revenge Travel - The Comeback of Tourism

Revenge Travel - The Comeback of Tourism

Revenge Travel - The Comeback of Tourism

Many of us have been staying at home during our workdays, weekends, and vacation time. While March 2020 marked the start of many cancelled events, trips, and vacations, it also gave us the free time to dream up our travel bucket list. 

Question is, is it time to take out that list and make up for the lost time?

“Revenge Travel” - what is it? 

Airplane and jeep

Photos by Unspash - Tom Barrett (@wistomsin)

After 12 + months of staying at home, many of us are gearing up to tour the world with a vengeance. The term ‘revenge travel’ is used to describe the growth in demand for tourism and travel after the lockdowns that ensued the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Is it the right time to travel? We’re not one to say. However a study done by The Harris Poll indicates that the demand for travel in North Americans has only deepened throughout the various lockdowns. Findings suggest that the longer Covid-19 impacted the US, the greater the demand grew for things to ‘get back to normal’, which includes the capability to travel. 

weekender bag

“Don’t take anything for granted”. ‘Revenge Travel’ is an anticipated result of what we’ve been saying these past 12 months. Over a year ago, we would be dreading border crossings and airport security. Today? We’re ready to take it on with a vengeance. 

‘Revenge Travel’ and The Travel Industry

It’s looking opportunistic for the hospitality, airline and tourism industries. ‘Revenge travel’ brings hope that economies that relied on tourism will be revived. 

As vaccinations increase, things begin to re-open, and the world becomes a bit safer, travelling will likely sky rocket as many finally get the opportunity to satisfy their travel itch.

road trip

Photos by Unspash - Leio Mclaren (@leio)

Travel experts are predicting that Americans will book more trips in the following years than they ever have. 

They’ve also forecasted that consumers will have more inclination to splurge on luxury and upgrades. With months staying indoors, those who are able to afford it might treat themselves while making up for lost time.   


Photos by Unsplash - Avery Woodward (@averieclaire)

The Harris Poll study also found that 60% of individuals who were interested in travelling still preferred touring domestic areas, and 53% would rent a car, while only 36% would consider flying. 

Where should you travel? 

Oh the places you’ll go. 

Which way to the beach? Travel experts are predicting that travellers will travel to relaxing destinations over highly populated urban ones. The avoidance of cityscapes is likely an outcome of the negative implications surrounding dense populations and the spread of the virus. It’s also an outcome of travellers wanting a relaxing escape from the stress that they had experienced throughout the lockdown. 


Photos by Unsplash - Alexa West (@thesologirlstravelguide)

Although statistics indicate that travellers are more likely to travel via car, bucket list hotspots remain highly searched. The trend of international travel is likely to spike once safety increases and borders fully open. 

For those who are willing to travel far and abroad, areas that are typically overcrowded will likely be less crowded as fewer tourists are visiting. 

Covid-19 Travel Tips 

Disclaimer: We are not healthcare professionals. The primary purpose of this journal is to inspire and inform. Travel at your own risk and always listen to health and safety policies. 

We did the research so you didn't have to. From our own experiences, and from those we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing on our IGTV show Travel Talk, we’ve collected a few travel tips both Covid and generally alike. If borders do open up, here are a few travel tips that will ease your mind and journey: 

1. Hand sanitizer

No brainer here. We’ve all become familiar with it and it’s definitely something we're bringing well into the future. 

2. Wet wipes

Whether it be to clean up after a messy roadtrip meal or to wipe down a public surface you’re using, sanitizing wipes are an underrated product. 

In Travel Talk 001, Laura said she would “Pack Lysol wipe and sanitize everything.”

Portland’s very own Christopher of Travel Talk 006 swears by face wipes. Face wipes are a quick and fast solution to sweat, mist, or air pollution. Perfect for a quick on the go cleanse. 

3. Don’t check luggage

This one’s a crowd favourite, and we can’t agree more! 

I am very much a one bag/carry-on type of person.” says April from EP 002. Rebecca from  Travel Talk 009 echoes this by saying “I never check luggage, or at least I try not to.”

Carry on bag

At least an hour can be shaved off travel times if you skip the bulky luggage. Skip the long check-in and wait for the luggage carousel, and opt for a carry on. Did you know our weekender bags were designed to perfectly fit below an airplane seat or an overhead compartment?

“Even if I'm going somewhere for four to five days, or you know a week, I’m not taking more things than (what can fit in a weekender bag),” says Beau of Travel Talk 007. “I’m not going to check in a bag, I’m taking the weekender bag right on the plane”.

Not confident in your space saving folding skills? Laura says, “I always pack a carry-on. I do the 'Marie Kondo fold' and the amount of clothing I can fit in my carry on is mind-blowing”. While Beau recommends stuffing spare socks up in your shoes! 

4. Keep organized

Sounds simple but nobody wants to bed the fumbling fool at the border crossing or the airport security check. Have all of your essentials like your phone, passport, and ID ready to go. 

Need some inspiration? Our leather passport holder is designed to simplify your experience at the security gate. Its unique portfolio like shape keeps all of your essentials together in one handcrafted vegetable tanned leather case. 

5. Pack a tote bag

Packing a foldable tote bag, beach bag or purse in your weekender provides added storage when on the go. Simplicity and utility are key to making the most out of minimal packing space. 

In EP 007, Beau recommends rolling up a tote bag to pack inside of your weekender. When you arrive at your destination, you can use that as your day bag, opposed to feeling like you have to empty out your weekender.

6. Dopp Kit

Keep all of your self-care and beauty items in one compact case. Using a Dopp Kit to carry your toiletries avoids spills and disorganization. 

Dopp Kit tip: Keep all your liquids (mouth wash, toner, shaving cream, etc) in one place to shorten your time at the airport security gate. 

Dopp Kit and toiletry bag

Need some more tips on packing your Dopp Kit? Check out this blog post on How to Pack your Dopp Kit for Success

7. Pass time on flights by sleeping

Nicholas of EP 003 and Meagan of EP 010 share how they curb cabin fever when on long flights. 

“Long flights out of Toronto typically leave in the evening or night. So when you wake up that day, don’t take any naps, don't even have coffee. When you do get on the flight you can crash right away. If you can get 7-8 hours of sleep on that flight, the flight is not that bad”, says Nicholas. 

“I’m a big sleeper on flights. If I eat a meal and watch a movie, I’m typically out for the rest of the flight”, laughs Meagan. 

Sleeping on flights will also help you feel refreshed once you land, allowing you to make the most out of your trip. 

8. Have a plan

Bastian, a professional travel planner and blogger from Travel Talk 008, recommends planning ahead to save time and ensure you don’t miss out on any important sights. 

“I'm a bit of an over-planner,” says Bastiaan. “I'm terrified to miss something important and spend a lot of time researching”. 

Using Google Maps, Bastiaan saves all of his points of interest digitally, so that he doesn’t have to lug around a physical map. “I ‘star’ every place I want to see on Google Maps,” describes Bastiaan. 

Researching prior to your trip builds excitement, and keeps you from getting lost or uninspired while travelling. 

Due to the impacts of Covid-19, many are still on furlough or unemployed and travelling again might seem like a distant dream. While others might be lucky enough to be gearing up for their next trip. Whatever the case, brighter days are just around the corner. 

Here’s to dreaming, staying inspired, being hopeful, and carrying us with you. 

Looking for more revenge travel inspiration? Shop our collection of locally handcrafted travel essentials here

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