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Article: Valentine's Day - Stay in Love and Stay Home this year

Valentine's Day - Stay in Love and Stay Home this year
Gift Guide

Valentine's Day - Stay in Love and Stay Home this year

The past 12 months have been a make or break moment for many relationships. This year has definitely thrown a few twists and hurdles at our romantic lives.

For the single folk, the dating world quickly shifted from first date drinks to first date zoom calls or park walks. 

For couples that have been together long-term, some were thrown into quarantine together and for the first time in their relationship, they had to spend every waking moment together, while others were separated due to the travel restrictions. 

Whatever your relationship status is or how it was affected by Covid-19, we’re all holding our loved ones closer and appreciating the little joys in life. 

Whether it be with your significant other, a friend, family member, or yourself, here are a few ideas on how you could spend valentine's day this year: 

What to do this Valentine's Day during Covid-19

For the 'Netflix and Chill' Couples

With the year we’ve had, we could all use some extra TLC, and what better way to do so than with your partner. Cozy up with your loved one - or by yourself for some self love, and treat yourselves to relaxation and decadence. 

Breakfast in bed

What better way to show your loved one you care then treating them to breakfast in bed? The most important meal of the day is arguably the most romantic too. 

Sure you could cook breakfast yourself, but if you're the type to relish in a few extra moments under the covers with your significant other, order takeout or delivery from your favourite brunch spot. This is a sure-fire way that the meal will be delicious and you’ll be supporting local businesses as well!

And hey, if you really wanted to impress your date with your ‘cooking’ skills, a little white lie never hurt. Ditch the takeout boxes and serve the goods on your own plates  - we won’t tell. 

Brunch in Bed

Photos by Mildred's Temple Kitchen

Need some ideas? The list could go on but here are some of our favourites: Insomnia Restaurant, Aunties and Uncles, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, Maha’s Fine Egyptian Brunch, and more. 

Feeling extra festive? Why not pop a bottle of champagne and gift some fresh roses while you're at it. Breakfast, champagne, and roses in bed could be anyone’s dream. 

Gift Guide: Elevate Brunch for your Hopeless Romantic

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Featured Items:
Euclid Farms - The Roxie Bouquet - $15 - $100
LCBO - Louis Roederer Brut Rose 2014  - $110.95
Cocktail Emporium - Pink Dawn Champagne Saucers - $150 

Spa Day

Pamper yourselves using our 4 piece Grooming Kit, and soothe the skin with a moisturizing face mask. If you really want to treat your partner, why not gift our Dopp Kit filled with some skincare essentials? 

Whether you want to play masseuse at home or book a couples massage at the spa, your partner will definitely be grateful for it. Toronto’s popular Hammam Spa is open for massage treatments - including couple massages, while also selling at home spa kits. If you want to wait until full spa services resume, purchase a gift certificate to use in the future. 

Light your favourite candles and throw on some smooth jazz, and you’ve got a fully operational at home spa. 

Gift Guide: Show you care through the gift of self care



Valentine's Day Spa Kit

Featured Items:
Monte & Coe - 4 Piece Grooming Kit in Cognac- $160, Leather Dopp Kit in Nude - $145
Hamman Spa - Gift Certificate - $100 - $1000
The Silk Labs - Rose Quartz Silk Scrunchie - $12
Lush - Naked Attraction Massage Bar - $11.95
Yummi Candle - 7oz Candle Jar - $28

Activities For the Adventurists 

Head outdoors

For the active couples, there’s no shortage of winter adventures. 

Remember to follow Covid-19 safety measures, we recommend exploring areas that are still close to home and within your region. 


Enjoy the great outdoors and the romantic winterscapes while going on a hike together!

Ontario is home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails. If you’re within the area be sure to check them out!

The Bruce Trail, Canada’s longest and oldest hiking trail. The Bruce Trail is 900km of a marked footpath connecting Niagara all the way to Tobermory. 

Scarborough Bluffs Trails is a natural wonder just outside of downtown Toronto. Enjoy scenic Lake Ontario, while being only minutes off the main road to the city. 

Rock Dunder is the epitome of Ontario’s natural wonders. Most popular in the autumn due to the vibrant colours of the leaves, Rock Dunder is equally as beautiful during the winter. Climb to the top of the cliff and be astonished by the magnificent views of snow covered trees. What to do on Valentine's Day - Outdoors

Photos by DESIGNECOLOGIST (@designcologist) & The Bruce Trail


Itching to dust off those pairs of skates in the garage? Spend some quality time together at a local skating rink! Be sure to check your local skating rink regulations. If you’re in Toronto, you can find more information on skating reservations here.  

Pull it altogether with some matching winter gear! Shop for warm and versatile items that you know your partner will use long term. They’ll be thinking of you and reminiscing over happy memories the other 364 days of the year while wearing your gift. 

Gift Guide: Feel the warm fuzzies inside and out

What to get him for Valentine's Day

Featured Items:
Muttonhead - Fireside Knit Toque (Cream and Grey) - $48
KOTN - Reverse Terry Hoodie in Natural - $115
Sam James Coffee Bar - Weaponized Canteen in Safety Orange - $36

Plan your Dream Trip Together

We might not be able to travel right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream right?

Pull out a map, globe, or make it a bit more simple with Google Earth, and make a travel bucket list together. 

If you’re a couple that frequently talks about your dream travel destination, go the extra mile and gift a travel itinerary to use in the future! Although you can’t actually purchase a ticket to jet set across the world, the time and thought used to plan the trip is what really counts. 

Need some travel inspiration? Check out our Travel Guides for tried and true tips on some of the most popular and desirable destinations. 

Pull everything together by gifting a weekender or travel accessory. Although you won’t be going off on your dream trip quite yet, gifting a travel accessory represents hope and nearing future travels. 

Gift Guide: Cheers to future travels together

What to get him for Valentine's day

Featured Items:
Monte & Coe - Wool Weekender in Nude - $595, Passport Holder in Nude - $245
Midoco - Fountain Pen - $32.99
Ancient Shades - Vintage Map of the World Print on Canvas - $77.72
Anatasia Marie Shop - Round Wood Push Pins - $6.70

For The Traditional Romantics 

Learn something new together

Valentine's Day Romance

Photos by Tirza van Dijk (@tirzavandijk) and Atharva Dharmadhikari (@editographer_1981)

In this era of staying at home, many amazing businesses have adapted to online or at home experiences. Check your favourite local spots to see if they offer any lockdown friendly courses or kits. If they don’t have what you're looking for, you might find another unique activity on Airbnb

Care for a Dance?

Dance bar date nights have quickly evolved into online zoom lessons. Check AfroLatino Dance Company for everything between salsa, Reggaeton, the Samba, and more. Classes can be booked per class or you can go ahead and book a subscription of your choosing. 

If you’re looking for something more intimate, AirBnB experiences offers a variety of personalized online dance courses from around the world. Instructors and classmates from all over the world are connected through 30-60 minute zoom calls. Make friends from around the world, and learn a few new dance steps while you’re at it! 

Have a few sips with a twist

An intimate moment between your loved one and your favourite drink can be further amplified with an interactive experience. 

From cocktail kits and online tastings, the knowledge of professional mixologists and life long sommeliers are now available at the snap of our fingers. 

Cute cocktail idea for Valentine's day

Photos by Reyna On the Rocks 

Have some fun while supporting local business by ordering a cocktail kit from a local bar. Cocktail kits provide ingredients that you likely don’t have at home, taking your homemade margaritas to the next level. Need some inspo? Check out Bar Reyna or Bar Mordecai.

Drinks and entertainment? Once again Airbnb Experiences are loaded with everything from cocktail making classes, expert wine tastings, and so on. Some experiences keep it simple, whereas others create extravagant shows by combining drinks with dance, singing or another type of performance.

Interactive Gourmet Dinner Date

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." ~ Virginia Woolf 

Eat well, and you will surely love well. Plus couples that cook together surely stay together. 

Support local restaurants while cooking together by ordering a meal kit. The majority of meal kits are foolproof - all you need to do is heat up, assemble and enjoy. 

Some of our favourites? 

Check out La Pecora for delicious Central Italian Abbruzzese food. From pastakits, porchetta to pizza, La Pecora is bringing easy home cooked meals right to your doorstep. For their limited edition Valentine’s Day meal kit, they’ve partnered with St. Joe’s Young Professionals and are donating all proceeds to the Emergency Care Services at St. Joseph’s Health Centre. Not only will you be getting a gourmet meal, you’ll be supporting an amazing cause during an important time. 

Valentine's Day Dinner

Photos by Miku PC Chef

Gourmet and high quality sushi and teriyaki at home has never been so easy. Support Miku or newly opened sister restaurant Minami for delicious and authentic at home Japanese meal kits. 

Nothing is romantic than a French dinner date. Check out Jules Bistro offers a changing menu of at home date night meal kits. Meal kits comprised of three courses, and often rotate between cote de boeuf, roasted chicken, braised beef, and etc. Orders can be made through the phone or via email. 

The winter season is the slowest time for restaurants, and given lockdown restrictions, restaurants and the hospitality industry are barely making ends meet. Valentine’s day is often the busiest day for the service industry during the winter time, so it’s important to support local businesses when possible.

Gift Guide: Romantic treasures

Valentine's Day Gifts His and Hers
Featured Items:
Mejuri - Pave Diamond Round Necklace - $530
Bluboho - Lovely Heart Signet Ring - $298
Milk - Premium Photo Books - $80+
Monte & Coe - Slim Leather Wallet with Money Clip in Navy - $85
Promptly Journals - Love Story Journal in Cashew - $41

Whatever you do this year for Valentine's Day, we hope that you laugh louder, hold tighter and love harder. Cheers to many future travels with your loved ones. 

Happy Valentine's Day,

The Monte & Coe Team

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