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Article: Why We Love Wool

Why We Love Wool

Why We Love Wool

When monte & coe burst on the scene, we knew we had to be different. We wanted to build a brand that was born in Canada and remained Made in Canada. We wanted to take traditional travel products and give them personality with vibrant stripes and interiors. But what else could we do that gave our brand identity? What could we do that would scream Canadiana? That would work in four seasons? That was sustainable, renewable and friendly to the environment?

The answer was Wool.

Our next question... "Why can wool be used to to make the finest suits, to make fisherman's sweaters worn at sea, but not used for bags and travel accessories?"

The answer: Why not

We became obsessed with the amazing yet undervalued characteristics that wool brings to the table. Wool is, in fact, one of the most amazing textiles this world has ever seen. Since the Stone Age sheeps fleece has been used to cloth humans in all types of weather conditions. What many people don't know about it is that it is one of humankinds most trans-seasonal fibers and it is 100% natural, renewable and sustainable, which is why we love it so much.

As our brand continues to grow we hope to drive awareness to the benefits of wool. Here is a summary of all the other great reasons why wool is the perfect material for monte & coe products:


Wool is 100% natural, not man-made. As long as there are green pastures to feed sheep, a new fleece will be produced every year.


The process of removing a sheep's skin is called shearing, and it is done every year in the Spring to keep them cool throughout the summer. In no way, shape or form are sheep harmed during the shearing process, which makes the use of wool that much more appealing.

Odour Resistant

Wool's fibers are tightly bound together making it naturally water repellent. This prevents odors from developing in the fibers.

Easy Care

Its natural waxy coating makes wool resistant to staining. Spot cleaning with household products is recommended for persistent soiling.

Multi-Climatic & Trans-seasonal

Wool acclimatizes to its surroundings due to its hygroscopic features. It naturally adjusts to body temperatures which make it an ideal textile for all seasons. This is exactly why it was ideal for a fisherman who needed to stay warm and dry even when they were working their hardest.


Wool can be broken down in a very short time, especially when compared to synthetics that degrade very slowly. As it begins to decompose it releases valuable nutrients back into the earth.

Resiliently Elastic

Wool maintains its appearance in the long-term because of the crimpled nature of its fibers. With over 20,000 intertwined strands, it can be stretched and returned to its natural state. For this reason, it resists tears, which makes it the perfect material for of our weekender bags, backpacks, and briefcases.  

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