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Article: Father's Day Gift Guide - Gifts for the Dad who has it all

Father's Day Gift Guide - Gifts for the Dad who has it all

Father's Day Gift Guide - Gifts for the Dad who has it all

The world’s most difficult gift hunt - what to buy for the dad who has it allTo make life a little easier, we’ve gathered the very best gift ideas for every type of dad.

Gifts for every type of Father

The Commuter and Carpooler 

Dads young and old often spend a good chunk of their day commuting from A to B. Whether it’s commuting to work, driving the kids around town or anything between, this collection of gifts will make his ride all the more enjoyable. 

Audiobooks are taking over the world of passive entertainment, which makes them the perfect gift to spice up dad’s commute. Audible offers a variety of gifting options for monthly or yearly subscriptions!

Spice up Dad’s commuter bag with our Wool Briefcase. With a detachable vegetable tanned leather shoulder strap, Dad can carry it with hands or over the shoulders for optimal commuter convenience. 

Father's Day Gift Guide

Monte & Coe - Wool Briefcase - $695 CAD

Audible - Monthly Subscription - $14.95 CAD

Apple - Airpods - $329 CAD

Brumate - Insulated Coffee Mug - $39.99 USD

The Funny Guy 

The world wouldn't be the same without dad jokes. 

"When does a joke become a dad joke? When it becomes apparent… "How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little boogie in it… "What does a sprinter eat before a race?" "Nothing, they fast!" If Dad makes jokes like these, he'll surely have a crack at these Father’s Day Gifts.

As funny as they are, Dad deserves more than just a gag gift. Throw in a Grooming Kit or other self care essentials to help him clean up his (comedy) act. 

Father's Day Gift Guide

Monte & Coe - Grooming Kit - $195 CAD

YukYuk’s - Show for Two - $58.50 CAD

Great Sox - Tennis “Goodluck” Socks - $13 CAD

Aesop - Moroccan Neroli Shaving Kit - $105 CAD

The Foodie

Whether Dad’s the one in the kitchen or prefers to dine out at the newest highly-rated restaurants, these gifts will fill him up with love and appreciation. 

Does Dad enjoy eating out in style? The Slim Wallet with Money Clip will keep all of his essentials secure while dining with friends and/or picking up the tab. 

Father's Day Gift Guide

Monte & Coe - Slim Wallet - $85 CAD

Our Place - Knife Trio - $195 CAD

Green Egg - Minimax Smoker - $959 CAD

Indigo - Matty Matheson Cookbook - $40 CAD

Hello Fresh - Subscription Kit - $194.99 CAD 

The Wannabe Bartender 

Any self-proclaimed ‘cool-dad’ is bound to have an interest in hosting guests in style. Set him up with all he needs to get his bartending career started at home!

Father's Day Gift Guide

The Bay - Glucksteinhome Cocktail Shaker - $39.99

Cocktail Emporium - Gin & Tonic Duo - $49 CAD

Crate & Barrel - Wine Decanter - $49.95

Crate & Barrel - Cocktail Glass - $26.95

The Track Star

He’s a runner, he's a track star… or so he believes. For those dads who like to keep fit, here’s a selection of gifts to support their fitness dreams! 

Upgrade his gym bag with our Wool Weekender Bag. Don’t be fooled, the Weekender doesn’t have to be used as a carry on bag at the airport, it's designed to be used on the daily. Wool naturally wicks away moisture and is odour deterrent, making the wool weekender an ideal bag to keep sweaty activewear fresh and Dad's belongings stink free. 

Father's Day Gift Guide

Monte & Coe - Wool Weekender - $795 CAD

Lululemon - Workout Shorts - $68 CAD

Better Basics - Stainless Steel Water Bottle - $38 CAD 

B Stretched - 1 Hour Stretch Session - $100 CAD

The Vacationer 

Father’s Day comes at the best time for vacationing: summer! Prepare Dad to vacation in style with travel essentials and summer gear. 

Simplify Dad’s experience at customs with the passport wallet or the passport holder. With its unique portfolio-like design, Dad can easily store and access all of his cards, boarding passes, and more. 

Father's Day Gift Guide

Monte & Coe - Passport Wallet - $395 CAD

Monte & Coe - Passport Holder - $165 CAD 

Public Beach - Swim Short - $69 CAD

Still stumped on Father’s Day gift ideas? Check out our made in Canada travel essentials for more inspiration. 

Happy Father’s Day!

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