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Article: 11 Podcasts for Your Next Vacation

11 Podcasts for Your Next Vacation
Travel Hacks

11 Podcasts for Your Next Vacation

Travelling the world is fun and all, but the trip there and back? Not so much. These 11 podcasts will keep you entertained no matter how long your commute may be.

Darknet Diaries

This investigative podcast was created by Jack Rhysider, and tells very true stories from the ‘dark side of the internet’. It entertains tech lovers and haters alike, and combines entertainment with education beautifully. Darknet Diaries prides itself on being accurate and impartial, all the while highlighting this increasingly relevant digital crime culture!

Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

This comedic podcast describes itself as ‘dramatic reading of one-star reviews’, and it could not be more accurate. Everyone has an opinion on everything these days, and this show highlights the worst of them. The two hosts take the negativity and turn it into something hilarious, and what more could you want while on vacation?

Tai Asks Why

This kid-friendly podcast keeps the whole family entertained during those long road trips. The now 14-year old host, Tai Poole, has been asking big questions on this educational show for 3 years. Mostly centred around science, each episode covers a question most kids (and adults, too) would love to know the answer to. Climate change, dreams, death, space, he covers it all!

Smalltown Murder

With over 200 episodes, this true crime podcast can last you your entire vacation. Hosted by two comedians, it is both funny and scary, and specific to small towns. Each episode covers a new small town, its quirks, and its most notable murder. Chances are there will be an episode about wherever you are travelling to!

Desert Island Discs

This long-standing favourite is a guaranteed love for any traveller with over 3000 episodes and almost 80 years of content! Each episode features one celebrity from any industry as they talk through the songs they would take with them to a desert island. It is a great blend of music and talking, and there are always interesting stories accompanying each track.

Atlas Obscura

For true travel lovers, this podcast shares the coolest hidden gems across the world. Each episode is a short 10-20 minute highlight of one cool place, its stories, history, and the people who make it special. With a new episode daily, you'll have enough content to last your whole trip!

No Such Thing As A Fish

This comedy show features 4 hilarious hosts as they discuss their favourite new facts each week. There's not much more to it, but it is both funny and educational, and perfect for your next road trip.


Doughboys is a food chain review show hosted by two comedians, Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger. This is especially entertaining while travelling and consuming a lot of takeout... 

Stuff You Should Know

From the writers of 'How Stuff Works', this podcast is a great opportunity to increase your general knowledge while on the go. With tons of episodes to choose from, you have the chance to learn whatever you wish! 

My Dad Wrote A Porno

This comedy series is a hit amongst podcast lovers, and rightfully so! Host Jamie Morton reads a new chapter of his father's amateur erotic novel each week, while his two co-hosts react with their commentary. It may sound odd (and well, it is), but it is absolutely side-splitting, whether on a plane, the beach, or even stuck in traffic.

Mission to Zyxx

Described as 'an improvised science fiction podcast', Mission to Zyxx is a sitcom-style show. It follows a team of ambassadors hoping to make relations with other planets in the Zyxx Quadrant. Sound intriguing? It most certainly is.

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