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Crowdfunding Success


In June 2015, monte & coe took to the world of crowdfunding, via Indiegogo, to raise capital to keep our manufacturing local, here in Toronto. The 40-day campaign’s explicit goal was to raise $15k by pre-selling our 2015 collection. The results speak for themselves.

We accomplished our goal of $15k within 24 hours of launch and sales didn’t stop there. The 40-day campaign resulted in $52k in sales, in addition to $20k in immediate re-orders from retailers. We delivered to 15 different countries and reached over 50 different markets, worldwide.

Building on this success and all the generous support, monte & coe hopes to maintain local manufacturing over the life of the company. We hope you are proud to carry us with you.

For all those who supported us during the campaign and beyond, you made this happen.

Thank you.