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Article: Fall Style Essentials

Fall Style Essentials

Fall Style Essentials

Fall is here, and it is time for a wardrobe turnover. Here is our guide to staying trendy and keeping warm this fall season!


Fall is a tricky time for outerwear, so these four types of jackets provide a range of protection for whatever weather mother nature decides to throw at you.

Waxed Coat

These protective jackets are on the rise, and are suitable for a range of temperatures. Pair one with your favourite flannel shirt to complete the look.

Shop waxed jackets here (left) and here (right).

Wool Coat

Another piece perfect for fall, AND for dressing both up and down. These coats can be found either high end or on a budget.

Shop wool coats here (left), here (centre) and here (right).

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are essential year-round, but particularly shine in fall weather. 

Shop denim jackets here (left), and here (right).

Faux Leather Jacket

Shop faux leather jackets here (left) and here (right).

Layers, Layers, Layers!

Fall is the season for layering. Keep these essentials ready to go in your wardrobe, and be prepared for cool mornings, warm afternoons, and chilly nights. 


Shop hoodies here (left) and here (right).

Sweater Vest

The sweater vest trend is here to stay, and with its versatility, fall is just one of the seasons you can make use of it! Shop sweater vests here (left) and here (right).


Shop turtlenecks here (left), here (centre), and here (right).

Flannel Shirt

Shop flannel shirts here (left) and here (right).

Crew Sweater

Shop crew sweaters here (left) and here (right).

Corduroy Overshirt

Shop corduroy shirts here (left) and here (right).


Spice up your wardrobe with some new styles, or keep it classic with a good pair of jeans. Here are our top picks!

JeansShop women's jeans here (left) and here (right).Shop men's jeans here (left) and here (right).

Wide Leg Pants

Change up your silhouette with some wide-leg pants. Pair them with a form fitting turtleneck and a longline jacket to complete the look.

Shop wide-leg pants here.

Wool Pants

Wool is warm and adds texture to any look, no matter how simple.

Shop wool pants here (left) and here (right).



Sneakers are perfect for fall, and can suit outfits from casual to classy. Here are some of the hot options for this season.

New Balance

Shop New Balance here (top left), here (top right), here (bottom left), and here (bottom right).

Nike Blazers

Shop Nike Blazers here (top left), here (top right), here (bottom left), and here (bottom right).


Chelsea Boots

Shop chelsea boots here.

Lace-Up Boots

Shop lace-up boots here.

Ankle Boots

Shop ankle boots here (right) and here (left). 


If you're planning on travelling, complete your wardrobe with our ethical travel essentials.

Catch these essentials and more highlighted in our fall lookbook.

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