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Article: The 10 Best Places to Work Remotely

The 10 Best Places to Work Remotely
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The 10 Best Places to Work Remotely

The concept of a workplace is changing completely, resulting in the rise of remote work and ‘digital nomadism’. Not only does this promote freedom in the workplace, but it can be a unique opportunity to scratch any travel itch without needing to take any time off work!

Photos by Unsplash - Daria Mamont and Steve Halama

These are our top 10 picks for remote work destinations. Pick your favourite, or spend some time at each to take the most advantage of the ability to work from anywhere. 

But first… what is digital nomadism?

Already a growing phenomenon pre-pandemic, digital nomadism is made possible through remote working options. Previously common for freelancers, creatives, and tech workers, digital nomads are now popping up across the world from many working sectors as the need for offices is decreasing. 

Photo by Unsplash - Shridhar Gupta

The idea of combining work with travel and exploration is attractive to many who are sick of the endless drawl that is daily office life. Cities everywhere are noticing this trend, and many now offer long-term visas for digital nomads. 

What makes a place digital nomad-friendly?

Our top picks for remote work are curated based on a few very important factors for a successful remote working experience. Wi-Fi accessibility and speed are a must, as is a reasonable cost of living. 

The point of travelling is to discover and play, so as you spend your days sipping coffee and tapping away on your laptop, you’ll need lots of opportunities for rich cultural experiences on evenings and weekends. These 10 places offer all of that and more. In no particular order, we present...


10. Barbados 

For a long-term remote work option, Barbados is the place for you. With their new ‘Barbados Welcome Stamp’, you can enjoy all the wonders of the island for up to a year.

Photos by Unsplash - David Cain, Kathryn Maingot (@verperklm), and Tom Jur

Barbados is well known for its sandy beaches and lush jungles, and now with Wi-Fi coverage across the ENTIRE island, all of your needs are covered (and then some).

9. Yoko Village, Costa Rica

Home to the ‘co-work village’, you’ll experience a tropical paradise amongst a diverse group of other nomads. The gorgeous town of Santa Teresa not only boasts fabulous ocean views, but a co-working centre, a communal garden, a spiritual kitchen and much more.

Yoko Village claims to provide the perfect work-life balance. Full-time security, beautiful villas, and a strong sense of community will provide peace of mind and an unforgettable experience at the same time. See for yourself here.

8. The Canary Islands, Spain

Experience the tropics in Europe in this affordable part of Spain. They offer a self-employment work visa, and a plethora of stylish co-working spaces. Similar to Barbados, these gorgeous beaches are paired with accessible, high-speed internet to meet both your personal and professional needs.


Photos by Unsplash - Hert Niks and Reisehu

As a popular destination for remote workers, you’re sure to come across other nomads from around the globe. With warm temperatures year-round, you have the chance to explore something new each week, from hiking El Teide to visiting volcanoes and national parks.

7. Wellington, New Zealand

Enjoy the hustle and bustle of this capital city with New Zealand’s Working Holiday Visa Program. Live and work alongside other nomads in this affordable, Wi-Fi accessible hotspot.

Photos by Unsplash - Jil Beckmann and Tegan (@tegscar)

Some highlights of Wellington include the many, many cafés (perfect for getting your work done), various co-working spaces, stunning waterfront views, and tons of great restaurants. Not to mention, the people of Wellington are some of the most welcoming and cultured you can find. Make friends, eat good food, look for wildlife, drink coffee (maybe do some work, too), you name it, Wellington’s the place to be.

6. Berlin, Germany

Berlin makes it on a lot of top pick lists when it comes to travel, but it’s also a fantastic spot for remote workers. Their residence permit is perfect for freelancers, and with Berlin’s vibrant culture, it’s a must-hit spot for young professionals.

Photos by Unsplash - Nikita Pishchugin and Julia Solonina

Compared to the rest of Europe, Berlin is quite affordable, and on top of its well-known culture, it contains some beautiful sights and parks. The nightlife is awesome, providing the perfect end to a busy work day abroad.

5. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn’s Digital Nomad Visa has it in its name - it’s literally calling to you. This visa allows for up to 12 months in Estonia, and access to all of the Schengen area for maximized travel opportunities. Spend the weekend in Copenhagen, Berlin, Stockholm or Helsinki, or better yet, visit them all!

Photos by Unsplash - Mark Zu (@markzuravski) and Katya Shkiper (@shkipps)

Tallinn is notable as a seaside town, packed with culture, great restaurants and breweries. Check out this list of the best coworking spaces to get the best out of your remote work experience.

4. Mexico City, Mexico

This affordable city is not only great for vacationers and tourists. Remote work in Mexico City is a closer option for any North American nomads. Beyond that, its many parks, friendly atmosphere and delicious food will make you want to stay for good.

Photos by Unsplash - Jesus Mora (@jesusmoraxii) and Kyle Petzer

Mexico City is home to many cafes, perfect for getting some work done. Check out this list for the best ones to keep on your radar. It’s also got no shortage of co-working spaces, and co-living spaces too!

3. Lisbon, Portugal

We’ve mentioned Lisbon as a top pick for destination weddings - and it’s no surprise that it makes this list too. This vibrant city is not only charming and full of life, it’s affordable, too! It attracts a rising number of young professionals and nomads, and is becoming a sort-of hub for creative minds.

Photos by Unsplash - Katya Shkiper (@shkipp) and Malu Decks (@maludecks)

Like many others on this list, Lisbon is home to tons of great co-working spaces. Sadly, there is no remote-work-specific visa as of yet, but you can still become a part of this growing nomad community by following these steps.

2. Taipei, Taiwan

Hit up Taipei for outstanding affordability and authentic experiences. Filled with co-working spaces and lacking in tourists, it’s a great place to get down to business while enjoying its rich culture. 

Photos by Unsplash - Joel Fulgencio and Lisanto

In your spare time, be sure to visit some of Taipei’s many museums, hiking trails, street markets, and temples. Do note that as a nomad, the limit for a visa is 3 months. However, it’s still worth the short stay!

1. Portland, Maine

This town is easily overlooked as a seasonal vacation destination....but it is, in fact, much more than that. It is noted by Forbes as one of the best places to live in the U.S, which is no surprise as it offers both seaside views and charming architecture. It is also home to an incredible food scene, especially breweries!

Photos by Unsplash - Peregrine Photography and Jeana Bala (@superfrenchlover)

Portland is specifically attractive to entrepreneurs looking to start a business. The state is focused on helping out new businesses, resulting in a tight-knit community of young professionals. And, of course, check out their growing selection of co-working spaces!

With this many places around the globe embracing the digital nomad lifestyle, rest assured that remote work is here to stay. For those who choose to explore the world while working, there is no shortage of destinations to experience.

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