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Article: 10 Summer Style Must-Haves For Men

10 Summer Style Must-Haves For Men

10 Summer Style Must-Haves For Men

Summer provides an abundance of opportunities to showcase your style, whether it be on vacation or staycation. With great style comes great responsibility, and with this list of 10 tried-and-true summer essentials, you cannot go wrong!

1. Weekender Bag

A weekender bag is a staple for all wardrobes, especially in the summer. Fit all of the essentials on this list into your weekender and you’re set to go for all your summer travel needs. 

Best of all, keep it in fashion with our selection of styles here

2. Sunglasses

Photos by Esquire

A stylish pair of sunglasses can upgrade any outfit, and provide important protection as well. Whether you opt for polarized or UV lenses, it’s ideal to carry a pair with you wherever you go.

Check out this article to help you choose the best frames for your face shape.

3. Shoes

Photos by Men’s Health

Summer calls for hot weather, but you’ll want to have shoes on hand that are both versatile and stylish. The perfect shoe for summer prepares you for walks around the city, trips to the beach, fancy nights out, or even running errands, rain or shine. 

Check out this list of the best men's shoes for summer 2021!

4. No-Show Socks

Don’t ruin your classy footwear with tacky socks. Stick with the chic look of...well, nothing! Stay well-stocked with no-show socks to keep your summer look polished.

If you're serious about your sock game, check out this list of the best no-show socks for men!

5. Watch

Photos by GQ Magazine

Accessorizing can be tough when you aren’t into jewelry, but a simple watch elevates any outfit. Watches are a great combination of function and style! 

Check out an expansive list of the best watches of 2021 here.

6. Hat

Photos by Men’s Health, GQ, and Amazon

Sun protection is not to be ignored, but that’s not to say you have to compromise your look. A good sports cap, a bucket hat, or a fedora are 3 great choices for protecting your face and neck from the sun, in style.

Hats are another key accessory for men, and having this staple in your wardrobe will come in handy all summer long.

7. Sunscreen

Photos by Tools of Men

Speaking of sun protection, do NOT skip out on sunscreen! There are tons of options on the market for all skin types, so there is no excuse for avoiding SPF. 

Check out this list of the best sunscreens for each skin type.

8. Button-Down Summer Shirt

Photos by Men’s Journal

It is very easy to treat summer as an excuse to wear the same few t-shirts on rotation...but with a few additions to that rotation you can really ramp up your style. Choose lightweight fabrics, such as linen and organic cotton, or go for options with more stretch and moisture-wicking properties. 

Most of all: go for a button-down shirt to elevate your look! Not only are they more sophisticated than simple t-shirts, they are often more breathable and versatile, as well as being perfect for layering!

Check out this list of the best summer button-downs of 2021.

9. Grooming Kit

Round out your look with a good grooming routine, and be sure to carry all your grooming essentials with you when traveling!

Check out our collection of dopp kits and grooming kits here.

10. Books

Not so much a wardrobe essential...but a must-have for summer is a good collection of books! Leave space in your bag for a book or two, because you’re sure to find yourself with some downtime sooner or later. In fact, reading on the beach is far more stylish than scrolling endlessly on your phone, so it could be considered a wardrobe essential after all.

Here’s a list of the best summer reads for 2021!

With these 10 essentials, you’re all set to enjoy your summer in style! For more travel accessories, check out our collection here.

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