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Article: The 11 Most Unique Destination Wedding Venues

The 11 Most Unique Destination Wedding Venues
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The 11 Most Unique Destination Wedding Venues

It’s wedding season, and you know what that means: couples across the globe are looking for unique places to celebrate their special day! These 11 destinations offer experiences from rustic to luxurious, and each one is unique in its own way. Stray from the norm and travel the world to make your wedding unforgettable.

Without further ado, here are our top 11 picks for the most unique destination weddings...

1. Hotel de Glace, Quebec

This memorable hotel is made entirely of ice, and is situated only 10 minutes from the heart of Quebec City. You and your guests will experience a stay like no other, and with an array of wedding packages you can plan the event of your dreams with minimal effort.

2. Kualoa, Hawaii

Kualoa Ranch wows its visitors with fabulous views and a private beach. This venue is recognized for its feature in several well-known movies, such as Jurassic park and Jumanji! Get lost in the lush gardens and pastures that make your stay one to remember.

3. Villa Astor, Sorrento

This paradise on the Amalfi Coast is a highly sought-after villa, boasting stunning views and immaculate architecture. With options for weddings both indoors and outdoors, this villa is a luxurious dream for a destination wedding all year round.

4. Redwood National Park, California

Celebrate your special day surrounded by nature at Redwood National Park. Not only do the tall trees offer a backdrop for amazing photo opportunities, they also create a serene, tranquil atmosphere for your ceremony. 

5. Akwissasne, New York

For a truly private experience, Akwissasne in New York has you covered. This exclusive location includes a private lake, and acres and acres of forest to explore. With no cell service or wifi, this is an absolute escape from the outside world...but don’t worry, only 15 minutes down the road sits a quaint little town with just enough amenities to keep you going. 

6. Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland 

What better way to tie the knot than at an actual castle? This gorgeous venue is a dream for brides and grooms alike, with cinematic views and several small towns in the surrounding area. Photos can be taken inside and outside of the castle, but the ceremony must take place in the fields just outside the ruins to appreciate the glorious backdrop.

7. Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, China

Described as a ‘moon-shaped hotel’, this resort has all you need and more. Take in the water views, premium amenities, a private beach, and an island dedicated specifically to weddings. There is even a ballroom for the reception!

8. AYANA Tresna Chapel, Bali

Overlooking the Indian Ocean, this Bali wedding spot is sleek and modern while surrounded by nature. Experience the outdoors in the comfort of this glass chapel, equipped with air conditioning for you and your guests’ comfort.

9. The Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town

Make history in none other than a museum! This gorgeous venue features geometrical windows and abstract architecture. Turn your wedding into a work of art, and take home photos with some of the most unique backdrops imaginable.

10. Casa Loma, Toronto

You don’t have to travel to Europe to get married in a castle...60ft ceilings, a stained glass dome dancefloor, an outdoor terrace, and an actual library of history are just a few features of this castle nestled in the heart of the city.

11. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, British Columbia

This mountain resort is Canada's highest elevated venue, with beautiful backdrops all around. Guests will board the gondola for a scenic journey up, arriving at the ceremony in style for a unique experience from start to finish. 

Whether you prefer luxurious architecture, a nature reserve, or a grand castle, there are endless possibilities to make your day even more special. Most of all, any excuse to travel is worth pursuing. Pack your bags and get ready to make some memories!

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