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Article: HBC x Monte & Coe

HBC x Monte & Coe

HBC x Monte & Coe

HBC x Monte & Coe: The Upcycled Travel Essentials Collection

This HBC exclusive capsule collection showcases one-of-a-kind travel essentials featuring upcycled Hudson's Bay Points blankets designed and handcrafted in Toronto by Monte & Coe.

Hudson Bay Company, Canada’s iconic department store and Monte & Coe, a small batch luxury travel essentials brand based out of Toronto, have announced a collaboration on an exclusive collection of one-of-a-kind travel essentials. Celebrating the very best of Canadian design, the iconic Hudson’s Bay Points blankets are repurposed into handcrafted luxury travel essentials.

“This project between two great Canadian brands, one rich in Canadian history in Hudson’s Bay and the other [Monte & Coe] with a growing notoriety for creating travel essentials focused on quality craftsmanship, ethical manufacturing, and eco-focused raw materials,” says Andrew Coelho, Co-Founder at Monte & Coe, “exemplifies those qualities collaboratively by creating a capsule collection centred around upcycling the iconic HBC points blanket while showcasing Canadian design and craftsmanship.”

Monte & Coe’s signature raw materials - wool and vegetable tanned leather - will continue to be the focal point of this design, however the wool will be replaced by the points blankets, which have been custom treated for increased durability and will function as the main body of all designs.

The entire collection will be handcrafted in Toronto alongside local artisans to create a capsule collection that features a silhouette of their signature weekender bag, a custom made oversized tote exclusive to HBC, as well as a dopp kit to compliment, all of of which have been custom embroidered to feature the iconic points. The tote and weekender feature one of a kind luggage tag, available only as part of this collaboration. The collection will come in both Scarlett and Charcoal across the 3 styles.

“Upcycling is immensely beneficial to the environment at large. Nearly 60% of all clothing produced ends up in a landfill or incinerator within 12 months and if retailers and brands can work together to reduce those statistics, then I think it’s a huge win for everyone. That’s why we are super proud of this project. Not only does it limit waste from entering landfills, but it signifies the growing awareness from brands of all sizes to do their part.”

The upcycled collection will be available online at select Hudson’s Bay stores on October 19th, 2021.

About Monte & Coe Inc. Founded in 2012, Monte & Coe is a Toronto based travel essentials brand on a mission to put an end to fast fashion and throwaway merchandise. They are known for their morally responsible approach which is distinguished by their local small-batch production and commitment to using eco-conscious raw materials like Italian wool and vegetable tanned leather. All of their products are handcrafted in Canada by local artisans using traditional methods of craftsmanship.

They have been featured in publications like GQ, Vogue, Sharpe Magazine, BaySt. Bull, TrendHunter,, Notable Life, Classically Contemporary, Hello!Canada,, Cityline, Forbes.

For more information and images on the Monte & Coe and Hudson Bay Company collaboration, click here.

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