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In Pursuit of True Luxury

Luxury, Not Labels

Today luxury goods are often well marketed, but poorly and unethically made. 

The age old trusted techniques and true luxury materials that were once used have been swapped for cheaper alternatives. 

True luxury transcends brand name; it embodies unparalleled excellence, synonymous with superior quality, ethical craftsmanship, sustainability, and the use of the finest natural materials.

Made in Toronto and Montreal

Expertly handcrafted the way true luxury used to be.

Created in small batches by master artisans in our Toronto and Montreal studios, our luxury everyday essentials are crafted from the finest natural materials using old-world techniques that have been passed down for generations.

Timeless, Luxurious, and Sustainable

Natural Materials

Our everyday essentials are meticulously assembled using the finest wool, vegetable-tanned leather and waxed cotton twill. Created as an investment piece to last a lifetime and be passed down to the next generation.

Our commitment to sustainability means you can enjoy products that not only look and feel luxurious but also stand the test of time. By choosing natural materials, we offer you a sustainable and eco-conscious option that combines quality and durability, ensuring your everyday essentials last longer while reducing their impact on the environment.

Experience the difference today and embrace a lifestyle of both luxury and responsible living.

Our Materials

Merino & Italian Wool

Discover the essence of our everyday essentials – they're effortlessly durable, naturally luxurious, and multi-seasonal, thanks to one key ingredient: wool.

Our wool embodies understated luxury, harmonizing natural splendor with ethical sourcing. Sourced from generational producers in Italy and the Netherlands from ethically-raised sheep, our wool supports a sustainable ecosystem and captures unique, natural textures. Shearing practices prioritize the sheep's well-being and health, ensuring no harm in the process.

Monte & Coe's wool stands in stark contrast to synthetic materials derived from non-renewable resources. It represents not just a choice of luxury but a commitment to a sustainable, eco-friendly future. Discover the seamless blend of nature's best and conscientious craftsmanship in every piece.

Vegetable-Tanned Leather

Monte & Coe's Vegetable Tanned Leather epitomizes luxury, blending natural beauty with a commitment to ethical sourcing. Sourced from Nebraska's free-range cattle ranchers, our leather promotes a sustainable ecosystem and showcases unique, character-rich imperfections.

Our skilled artisans in Minnesota use a traditional vegetable tanning process with natural bark extracts, taking 60-70 days to create a vibrant, full-grain leather.

As our leather ages, it develops a distinctive patina, narrating your personal story. Committed to sustainability, our tannery features a water recycling plant, minimizing waste and environmental impact. In contrast to common chrome tanning and synthetic alternatives, Monte & Coe offers a chemical-free, craftsman-safe leather, symbolizing both timeless elegance and a commitment to a sustainable, eco-friendly future.

Experience Monte & Coe's harmonious blend of nature and craftsmanship in every luxury piece.

Waxed Cotton Twill

Experience the pinnacle of artisanal craftsmanship with our 18oz waxed cotton twill, a testament to the enduring legacy of American heritage. Meticulously curated from a storied textile atelier nestled in the heart of Missouri, USA, this fabric echoes the spirit of time-honored traditions blended with the sophistication of modern, sustainable fashion.

Each yard of our waxed cotton twill is a canvas of resilience and elegance. The fabric, lovingly woven from the finest cotton fibers, undergoes a transformative process with heirloom wax formulations. These carefully selected waxes, cherished through generations for their superior quality, bestow upon the fabric a remarkable dexterity. The thoughtful application ensures an exquisitely high melt point, exceptional water resistance, and a steadfast color that does not transfer.


Complimentary monograming available.

Lifetime Promise

Every Monte & Coe comes with a limited lifetime promise.

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