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Article: Weekend Getaway - Road trip tips & What to Pack

Weekend Getaway - Road trip tips & What to Pack

Weekend Getaway - Road trip tips & What to Pack

With Spring in full swing, what better way to enjoy sunny weather than a weekend road trip with your friends and/or family. 

Gearing up for your next getaway? Keep your journey easy and breezy with the following road trip and packing tips. 

Road trip tips

Get adequate rest

It’s incredibly important to get enough rest before your trip to eliminate any risk of dangerous drowsy driving. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep a night for at least two days before your trip, this helps build your energy reserves for the journey long ahead.

If you’re getting tired while on the road, it’s best not to push through it. Listen to your body and pull over for a break when safe to do so. As a rule of thumb, try to get a break in for every two hours of driving. 

Stay hydrated

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Stay alert by drinking plenty of water. 

Know your route
Road Trip Map


Photos by: Julentto Photography (@julesan09) & Brecht Denil (@brechtdenil)

Nothing’s worse than being lost with no backup plan. 

Set yourself up for success by getting a general idea of directions in advance. 

Most travellers nowadays opt for directions via google maps or GPS. As convenient as they are, technical issues can never be fully eliminated. Keep a physical paper map on hand in case your device runs out of batteries or you experience connection errors along your journey. 

Avoid traffic 

Keep rush hour times in mind when coming in or out of the city. Although it's nearly impossible to foresee traffic caused by road side accidents, GPS apps such as Waze, help notify drivers of any potential issues, provide live traffic updates and indicates alternate faster routes. 

Don’t forget your phone charger

The majority of cars now have USB outlets. Bring your phone charger to ensure that your phone remains accessible throughout the ride. This is especially important if you are using your phone for directions or GPS.

Stay entertained 

Road Trip and Map

Photos by Jared Tomasek (@itsjaredtomasekagain) &Kirk Thornton (@kirkthornton)

Keep your brain active throughout the drive. Listen to your favourite playlist, a thrilling new podcast, or keep a conversation going with your car-pool buddies.

How to Pack

Ever have issues with over packing? Or maybe you're the type to accidentally under pack? We’ve compiled a foolproof list of packing essentials that will likely work for any leisurely weekend trip. Best part is that all these items will fit perfectly in your weekender bag. 

Monte & Coe Packing Guide
Here’s what we’re packing inside our Weekender Bag for a 2-3 night getaway:

One swimsuit (Bather - Shibori Swim Trunk); two pairs of versatile pants that can be styled up or down (Parachute - Linen Pants, LL Bean - Classic Fit Jean); one comfortable outfit that you can lounge, get active and/or sleep in (Bather - Sweatpant, Bather - Crewneck); two t-shirts (KOTN - Essential Crew); one versatile top that can be dressed up or down, such as a button up, blouse, or jacket (Park & Province - Collar Shirt); two shoes max, keep it to one casual pair such as sandals (Birkenstock - Soft Footbed) and one stylish pair that can be styled for different occasions (Nike - Air Max Dawn); last but not least, and we’re assuming you won’t need as much support on it, don’t forget your undergarments and socks.

If you couldn't tell, the main theme of what to pack revolves around versatility. You want to pack items that can be styled in variety of ways. Pack versatile items that can be mixed and matched to create dozens of outfits. 

Pro tip: Be strategic with what you wear while travelling to and from your destination. 

What you wear while travelling impacts your comfort as well as how much you can fit in your bag! 

Wear your bulkier items while travelling to save space in your weekender. Don't be fooled, bulky doesn't mean uncomfortable or hot and stuffy - unless you're bringing a winter parka. 

Got7 Jin outfit breakdown

Jinyoung of GOT7 wearing The Monte & Coe Wool Weekender in Black at Icheon Airport

Depending if you're headed straight to an event or if you'll have time to rest and refresh upon arrival, you can wear your bulkier items such jeans or sweats, and sneakers. For the top portion of your outfit, keep things versatile with breathable layers you can take off or on throughout your journey. 

How to pack toiletries efficiently 

Keep it to essentials that you know you'll use everyday of your trip. Our favourite toiletry bag? The Dopp Kit of course! 

The secret to any dopp kit is how you pack it. Think of it as a game of Tetris. Pack wisely; the tighter you pack, the more you can fit. 

Read our guide on all things Dopp Kit for more packing tips. 

#carryuswithyou wherever the open road takes you. Happy road tripping! 

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