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Article: 9 Summer Style Essentials For Women 2021

9 Summer Style Essentials For Women 2021

9 Summer Style Essentials For Women 2021

Summer provides the perfect backdrop to showcase your style, whether it be on vacation or staycation. Elevate your style and complete your wardrobe with these 9 tried-and-true summer essentials!

1. Weekender Bag

A weekender bag is a staple year-round, especially in the summer. Fit all of the essentials on this list into your weekender and you’re set to go for all your summer travel needs. 

Best of all, keep it in fashion with our selection of styles here.

2. Sunglasses

Photos by Unsplash - Brooke Cagle and Noah Black

If you choose any one thing on this list to add to your wardrobe, a good pair of sunglasses is the #1 must-have! Not only will it protect your eyes from the harsh summer sun, it is a fantastic accessory to incorporate into your everyday look. It elevates your style while remaining functional!

Here’s a list of the best sunglasses of 2021.

3. White Sneakers

Photos by Unsplash - Kelli McClintock and Rosario Janza

The word versatile is used a lot on this list, and that’s because it is a necessity for a functional and stylish summer wardrobe. White sneakers are a great choice to round out your summer looks, and they go with anything! They are also comfortable, which is a must if you are traveling or walking a lot throughout the summer months.

Check out this list of the top sneakers for women.

4. Flowy jumpsuit

Photos by Glamour

Dress it up, dress it down, the options are endless with a flowy jumpsuit! Show your style with a funky pattern, or keep it simple with a single colour. Jumpsuits are not only trendy, they are versatile, and deserve a spot in your summer wardrobe. They are especially useful for traveling, where you could wear one on the beach or to a fancy dinner. 

Check out some of the most popular jumpsuits of the summer here.

5. Floppy Hat

Photos by Unsplash - Pim Chu, Angelo Pantazis and Jordan Bauer

A floppy hat is not only stylish, it adds an extra layer of protection for your precious skin. This versatile hat is all the rage, and for good reason. Once again, you can wear it on the beach, on the town, or on a date, and it will upgrade your look each time!

Check out this list of the best hats for summer!

6. Sunscreen 

Photos by Prevention

Yes, your skin is part of your style! It is also very sensitive, so be sure to keep it protected all summer long. Sunscreen may not be the most fun to apply, but there are tons of options on the market to suit your needs. 

Check out this list of sunscreens by skin type.

7. Denim jacket

Photos by Cosmopolitan

A jacket may seem counterintuitive when all you want is to cool off, but summer nights can be a little breezy! Having a basic denim jacket at your disposal is a must, for those chilly nights or one-off days in the summer where a t-shirt is just not enough.

Check out the most sought-after denim jackets here.

8. Books

Not necessarily a style essential, but books are a must-have for summer, no matter where you go! Pack a selection of reading materials for any and all of your weekend trips, day trips, or long-haul vacations. 

Check out the hottest books of the summer here.

9. Pendant necklace

Photos by Vogue

The summer heat can sometimes make you forget to accessorize! Attempting to layer on several pieces of jewelry almost feels like extra weight during these warm months, so a simple pendant necklace is the best way to go. It is the perfect accent to any outfit, so no need to add on any other pieces if you don’t want to.

For more summer jewelry ideas, check out this article.

With these 9 essentials, you’re all set to enjoy your summer in style! For more travel accessories, check out our collection here.

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