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Article: Gift Guide: The Perfect Ideas for Fathers Day

Gift Guide: The Perfect Ideas for Fathers Day
Gift Guide

Gift Guide: The Perfect Ideas for Fathers Day

We know shopping for Father's day can be tricky. It’s never easy buying for someone who has everything or wants nothing. There's nothing better than giving that perfect gift, and that's why we are here to help. 

Our current collection of travel essentials is perfect for any type of working father looking for a sleek and trendy boost. To complement our collection we want to share other items that are must-haves to compliment the style. 


Fathers Day Business Style

Every professional needs a business casual outfit, and you can't go wrong with a quarter zip or bomber jacket to wear over your favorite shirt. Match it with a pair of light chinos to maintain comfort as well as professionalism. A pair of white sneakers will complete the look, but we can't forget the most important item. Our slim leather wallet will keep the high valued items safe and in one place for easy access.

Elite Bomber Jacket, Cotton Half-Zip Sweater, Popline Chinos, Lacoste Sneakers, Slim Leather Wallet


Fathers-Day-Gift-Guide-StyleThe "no jacket" look is a business essential. A classic dress shirt, comfortable suit pants, and clean dress shoes will never go unnoticed. However, the key to this style is the accessories. The sunglasses are optional, the belt is a must, and a nice watch is highly encouraged. 

Button-down Dress Shirt, Wool Suit Pants, Brown Leather Watch, Brown Leather Shoes, Clubmaster Classic Sun Glasses, Italian Leather Belt, Slim Leather Wallet.


Fathers-Day-Gift-Guide-StyleBusiness never stops in the summer. The polo's collar dresses up the look and the performance shorts maintain that effortless casual vibe. Swap out dress shoes for triple black sneakers for comfort and class. We can't leave the look empty-handed; our wool briefcase and slim leather wallet provide the style and space needed for any type of job.

Wool Briefcase, Polo T-shirt, Performance Shorts, Capri Sneaker, Slim Leather Wallet



Every dad needs a great suit, and every great suit needs a slick watch... and belt. Any classic dress shirt will work with a suit, but make sure you have a tie to match. Dress shoes are a must, preferably a similar color to the belt. We can also agree that suits are not the comfiest clothes to wear. So, pack your weekender bag with comfy clothes and keep your smaller items safe in the passport wallet.  

Passport Wallet, Weekender Bag, Solid Wool Suit, Oxford Dress Shoes, Dress Shirt, Regular Tie, Stainless Steel WatchItalian Leather Belt.

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