Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2022 - Gifts that Last a Lifetime

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2022 - Gifts that Last a Lifetime

The best things come in pairs - don’t forget that the special person in your life doesn't always need to be a significant other. 

Whether it’s your best friend, lover, mother, daughter, brother, and so on, here’s your chance to show them you care. 

At Monte & Coe, we believe that the best gifts are ones that are made slowly, ethically and will be loved for years to come.

Not sure how to show your Valentine some special appreciation? We curated a Valentine's Day gift guide with items from local businesses that will all stand the test of time.

1. Plants

Gone are the days of a dozen roses, gift a plant this year. So long as they receive adequate care and attention, plants can flourish for years. 

Not sure if your Valentine has a green thumb? There are countless types of plants that need little to no care. Think succulents, cactus’, air plants, and so on, or ask your local garden centre. 

Best Plants for Gifts

Jomo Studios - Philodendron Hederaceum Brasil - $25

Chive - Clay Hanging Planter - $46.95

Chive - Pothos Marble Queen - $10.50

2. Matching Sweatsuits 

Nothing says romance more than a good old fashioned sweatsuit. Lounge around with your Valentine in matching sweatsuits from a few of our local favourites. 

Why the emphasis on locally made? When an item is locally made, it supports the economy, is likely ethically manufactured and fair trade, and of higher quality. 

Sweatsuits Toronto

Muttonhead - Bamboo Camping Hoody Ash Rose - $132

Bather - Bottle Green Crew Neck - $120

Bather - Bottle Green Crew Sweat Pant - $120

3. Ethically Sourced Jewellery 

Diamonds are a girl’s (and everyone’s) best friend. High quality jewellery can truly last a lifetime, especially when handcrafted using quality materials. 

14K gold never discolours and if crafted well, jewellery made from it will last forever. Support jewellers who source their gold, diamonds, and other raw materials ethically and responsibly. Learn more about conflict-free diamonds here.  

Valentine's Day Jewellery

Mejuri - Pavé Diamond Round Necklace - $400

Bluboho - lean on me diamond stud - $596

Bluboho - shine on hoop earring - $596

4. Monte & Coe - Made to Last a Lifetime 

All Monte & Coe products are small-batch made using old-world techniques, rarely seen in modern manufacturing. Each piece is hand-cut, hand-stitched, and hand-painted, ensuring world-class quality in each handcrafted product.

Using the finest raw materials - water resistant wool sourced from Italy, and all-natural vegetable tanned leather, every Monte & Coe product promises to last a lifetime.

Wool Dopp

Dopp Kit

Wool Dopp Kit in Nude - $155 

Our Italian wool products are water resistant, odour repellent, anti-static, & incredibly durable. Simply spot clean and it's good as new!

Best Wallet

Slim Leather Wallet with Money Clip in Nude - $85

Our vegetable tanned leather is 100% all natural and chemical free. Due to its organic nature, our leather bags develop a personalized patina with time and use. The beauty of this feature is that every product tells a story, including yours.

Weekender Bag
Weekender Bag Toronto

Leather Weekender in Nude - $895 

U.V and rot resistant thread adds additional durability and strength to our products. While gold-plated furnishings add everlasting class and style. 

Designed in Toronto, and handcrafted in Canada. Our factories in Toronto and Montreal masterfully craft in small batches, allowing for strict quality control measures. 

Grooming Kit 

Grooming Kit

4 Piece Grooming Kit in Nude - $195

Gift last a lifetime products this year.  Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

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