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Article: Summer with Monte & Coe - Get to know the team!

Summer with Monte & Coe - Get to know the team!

Summer with Monte & Coe - Get to know the team!

As Summer comes to a bittersweet end, we're reflecting on all the beautiful memories we've made.

At Monte & Coe, we're avid travellers and getaway enthusiasts, so naturally Summer's one of our favourite seasons. 

Get to know the team by reading about our favourite Summer 2022 memories with travel tips to match. 

ANDREW: Getaway to Croatia

Role: Sales and Marketing

Where/What: Croatia

When: July

What to do in Croatia

Best part: Got the opportunity to spend time with my extended family in a gorgeous place in Europe. Enjoyed the hot weather in the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and even saw some of the sites where Game of Thrones was filmed. 

Travel Tip:

  1. Pin the locations of sites, restaurants, and other landmarks you want to visit by creating a map in Google Maps before departure. This makes it easy to find places on the go.
  2. If you are heading to the airport super early to avoid lines, check with your credit card company to see if you have lounge pass access.
  3. My new secret weapon for staying connected while abroad is Airlo, a local e-sim provider that allows you to purchase data from local networks. 

KIRA: Glamping in Tobermory

Role: Marketing Coordinator

Where/What: “Glamping” in the woods in between Tobermory and Sauble Beach

When: Mid-July

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Best part: Hiking and taking a dip in the Tobermory Grotto. As cold as it was, I consider it the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen… If I dare say, even nicer than Portugal or anywhere in the Caribbean. 

If you're wondering where to stay in Tobermory/Sauble Beach/Bruce Peninsula area, you can check out the Airbnb I stayed at here. We loved the "glamping' experience because it was the perfect combination of nature and comfort.

Travel Tip: Always have a backup plan for extreme weather when camping. There was a tornado warning for a portion of our trip. In case things got ugly, we Googled all the nearest motels, inns, and hotels that had vacancies. 

MATT: First Family Vacation to Florida

Role: Finance and Accounting

Where/What: Florida

When: May

Best part: After two years of not traveling (due to the pandemic), my wife and I were finally able to spend a month in Florida. This trip was a little different than our past vacations though…..this time we had two little kids along for the ride (Beau - 2 years old, Shay - 2 months old). Our first family vacation was a big success.

Travel Tip: Traveling with kids is hard! 

NICK: Wining, Dining and Relaxing in Italy

Role: Creative Direction and Ecommerce

Where/What: Abruzzo, Italy 

When: Early June

Best part: Eating at 3 Michelin star Ristorante Uliassi for an unforgettable dining experience and relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Pescara

Travel Tip: If going to Italy, bring stretchy pants.

RON: Boating in Belcarra, British Columbia 

Role: Corporate Sales and Operations

Where/What: British Columbia

When: Mid June

Best part: Renting a boat in Belcarra and taking it down the Indian Arm. It felt like we were in a scene from Jurassic Park! The most beautiful landscape. 

Travel Tip: Only bring a carry on to avoid losing your luggage and waiting in lines.

How to avoid over packing: Plan out outfits in advance using versatile pieces that can be styled in a variety of outfits for different occasions and days of the trip. i.e: A pair of jeans can be styled for night or day, depending on the shirt and shoes its paired with. 

PANNY: Soaking up South East Asia

Role: Marketing Intern

Where/What: Da Nang, Vietnam

When: End of August

Best part: Waking up to the sound of the ocean every morning. The pool villa we stayed at has a private beach. Every morning, we would wake up to the sound of the waves crashing against the sand outside. 

Travel Tip: If you are traveling to a beach in South East Asia, book a pool villa near the beach instead of a high rise hotel. There are many good pool villas with affordable prices. You will also have a better experience since there is more privacy.   

Cheers to the end of our favourite sunny season. It was an epic one! 

For more inspiration, check out our locally handcrafted luxurious travel bags and accessories. 

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